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Within 1 week of starting our program with EAG we saw a humongous increase in engagement.

Not only did we see much more traffic, but higher quality traffic. Real customers were interested in our products. EAG was able to get natural content, and drive high amounts of traffic to both our page and website. With traditional influencers being costly, verused, and in-effective – EAG’s program is an untapped gold-mine.

Dan Hoban

CEO, Sadire

We used to pay influencers to post, but have shifted entirely to gifting

Not only is the business impact better, it’s more authentic. Gifting to a large number of nano influencers creates grass roots excitement around the brand, not to mention good karma. We love it when people first hear about H.V.M.N. through a friend, and gifting has been a way for us to turbo scale that.

Michael Brandt

Co-Founder, H.V.M.N.

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